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Question Could this be an early sign of pregnancy?


I was expecting my period between mon 23rd and mon 29th. I had intercourse on mon 23rd - I am on the pill and we used a condom. However, the condom came off inside me and we didnt realise until the sex was over and he had come inside.

The next day, I noticed a small spot of red on my pants, which I assumed was the start of my period. However, when I put tampons in all I got was very light pinkish/light brownish discharge - and it only lasted 2-3 days, on & off. It has completely ceased since thursday. I wonder if this is a sign that I could be preg?? It was unusually light and hardly even worth putting a tampon in!!

I would be grateful for any advice, opinions or experiences regarding this. I have not tested yet as I have been waiting to see if my period would get any heavier. when would be the best time to test?


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