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re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story

Hi Ladies,
Just wanted to check in with all of you to say I first went to my Internist and she agreed I needed a 2nd opinion on why I still have pain and cannot use my right hand properly. I can't lift, pinch or golf!! I went last Wed to a new Hand Surgeon and totally new practice. He was a little young but I instantly fell in love with him. Not really but you know what I mean! He explained that this surgery has a 92% success rate but unfortunately I'm in the 8% where it did not work. He went over my options, after examining me, looking at my X-rays and reading my reports. He told me he'd tell me if he thought my first Dr did something wrong even though he doesn't like doing that. The results are that my first Dr did nothing wrong and my hand just isn't healing properly from the tendon he used. This new Dr studied at Johns Hopkins in hand reconstruction. I was very emotional while he was explaining all this and he handed me tissues and told me he'd do whatever he could to rectify this. Like I said I was with him an hour and in the office for 2. I loved the nurses too. He is operating on me Aug 3rd, next Friday. I wanted to get this over with. He will remove the tendon and then see how the nerves are there as well. It's quite complicated and too much for me to write here. But I will have to have a cast -AGAIN- for 4 weeks and one pin he thinks. Last time I had 2. I went home last time with a big bulky thing and 10 days later got the cast. I'm not totally sure this time. I have more questions that need answers this week but I decided to do it. I have nothing to lose and hopefully with lots of prayers, this time I'll heal properly. I have been upset about the thought of doing this again after 8 months of pain but I so want this time to work. He assured me I did nothing wrong as well. We talked about PT and he wants me to go to a therapist he highly recommends. I'm sure it won't be as convenient as my last one but we'll see.
So here comes Part II of my Arthroplasty!!
Haydena are you a Grandma yet? AKLady are you all healed? Gingertea how are you doing? I can't remember everyone's name but please let me know how you are all doing. This board has really helped me the first time. I'll really need it now!

Thanks for listening ladies.