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re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story

Hi Ladies,

Janet, I am so happy for you. At last, someone who listens. I'm praying for a speedy successful recovery!

It's been a rough week for me....My Dad needed an unplanned open-heart surgery to repair a valve and 3 blockages. It was supposed to be routine, but when they opened him up only 25% of his heart was working. To quote the doctor, he was 'on his last leg'. He is in ICU and on a heart pump and respirator and will probably remain there at least 2 more weeks. He is comfortable and continues to make small improvements. He lives across country from us and there is no way I can make the trip with these hands. It's frustrating for me, even tho I know he is getting wonderful care, and is too sedated to know I'm there. Hopefully I will be in shape to travel when he needs me at home.

My right hand continues to do well. I get my cast off next week and can't wait. I don't know why I had to wear it longer this time, but after 5 total weeks bound up I'm ready to be let loose.

My left hand continues to be a problem. It really deteriorated in a couple of weeks. My surgeon sent me back to PT, and by the time I got there my tendons were atrophying and the muscle was gone. I'm doing intensive exercises, but the tendons are hard and ropelike on the surface of my palm.

My surgeon hasn't seen it in this condition yet, but will next week. I'm curious if he has any insight why this is happening. In the meantime I just keep exercising.

Haydena, are you a grandma yet?

Hope all is well with this group. Good luck on your surgery, Janet. Keep us posted!
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