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Re: 96.1 F Temp....What is this?

Thanks guys I really appreciate the help with this.
I agree with the fact that the thermometer is sometimes unreliable, but I checked with three different ones (two oral and one an ear one for little kids) a couple different times, so I dont think that it is a malfunction.

When I was younger (15,16,17, 18) I had a really bad eating problem, so that was why I was sure to mention that my weight right now was normal. I'm not a three meal a day person anyways, but I have been eating meat and bread so Im not sure why it would be this low. It might be that I need to up the intake even more, but I guess I can cross that bridge later.

No medications either.
I might end up going in if it stays this way another week, but for now still functional, working, and full time student so its all good!
Thanks again.