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Re: Toe joint fusion surgery--anyone had?

this sounds like me .. I've was in a cast for 9 weeks from April 27 to June 29. I have been in the boot now for 4 weeks. After 9 weeks of nwb, the boot and crutches was like heaven. I used the scooter for the 9 weeks. I totally recommend to use the scooter to get around ... so much easier. One problem I have had through the entire recovery, is the because I am "walking" unevenly, either by kneeling on the scooter or with crutches and wearing the boot is that my hip keeps popping out. I have issues without all of this, but the unevenness aggravates it. I go to the dr on Tues to see he will put me in a shoe. BTW, I had bone fusion in the 1st & 2nd metatarsals, gastric recession and morton's neuroma surgery. The neuroma was not removed as when it was opened up, it was inflamed, so hoping that by cutting the sheath it will allow the pressure to release. I am anxious to go the next step. I am so anxious to drive again.