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Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless.. Could use some thoughts

I had been reading up on all kinds of rashes lol.. it's just soo confusing when you go to a doctor and they say "hmm, well obviously it's some kind of dermatitus" You explain the course it took then he says "well I'm going to swab this for bacteria to make sure it's not staph or strep" (both common bacterial infections) then after that swab says "Just to make sure it's not viral I'm gonna do that swab too" I said "what do you mean Viral?" he said "oh something like Herpes." and literally left it at that! I have never been with anyone who had a cold sore or herpes! (Yes I know they are the same thing but "down there" you wouldn't call it a cold sore lol)... so ***! The bacterial culture came back within a couple days and was negative. I asked him about the viral and he said "well it should have been back by now... but it's not" which got me even more worried. I kept calling everyday for a week and a half. each time it was still not back yet! I waited until the start of the next week (2 weeks since it had been done) and the doctor said "Well I just found out that the test takes 3 weeks." So after being a complete wreck for 2 weeks, not kissing my 2 daughters for 3 weeks, the stupid blister/*** bump was way past gone, I STILL had to wait 1 more week! You would think that the doctor would know how long it takes for a test to come back...

Anyways... about the pictures, I don't have a camera that is good enough to do that.. I tried getting pics of the redness and swelling and the "white" apearance of the bump. but all it did was come out really blurry and you couldn't see details like umm the bump (yes it was my phone that i took it with, it's got a 5 megapixel camera [which should be good enough], had good lighting, and had it set on macro so i could focus in really close and it still didn't work)

My husband is Military, We have 1 car, His officers don't let him leave work for last minute things. So I seriously doubt that I will be able to predict when this thing is gonna happen again and drop him off at work so I can have the car lol.

As far as getting established with the Dermatologist.. The way military doctors of all kinds work is.....
You call in at 6am (the second that their appointment lines open)

Fight with the busy signal (if you don't call in as soon as they open you don't get an appointment cause everyone else already took them)

When you get an appointment you see what ever doctor they have in that day... (the doctor you might hope to get an appointment with might only be in 1-2 times a month!)

You almost never see the same doctor twice... ever.

My husband had an issue with his knee and went to his primary about it (his primary just means the department I think it's labeled as "Blue")<-- nice huh.. yea they have yellow, red, green and white. they are all for primary doctors too!
The first time they told him nothing was wrong and gave him some ibuprophen
Second time (different doctor) told him that he had arthritis (solution= Ibuprophen)
Third (different doctor again) told him that he was imagining it because he over worked it from doing PT <-- military term for physical training (claimed Ibuprophen would "CURE" it)
Fourth time (yet again a different doctor) The doctor held his knee cap lightly and had him bend his knee "well there is grinding, that may mean that it's off track, I'm gonna get an xray for you"
**Yea that's right 4 doctors and about 5 months time and finally someone decided to do something

Xray (nothing showed up)
5th doctor got him a MRI (nothing showed on that ether)
6th doctor finally got him some sort of full body scan that you get injected with radiation for
Results for that scan
Arthritis both wrists
Knees were "off track" by like 1mm
looked like future problems with his shoulder would come up
and his elbow too

all in all 1 year and 6 doctors multiple tests and hadn't even gotten treated yet
after the full body scan he had to go into the office to see a doctor to get the results
so 7th doctor got him a referal for a musculoskeletal doctor
That doctor took one look at the problem knee and felt the way it moved and said "wow... You need surgery. if you hadn't been soo persisitant you would be looking at a knee replacement in about 3 years!" he continued "Now this surgery will put your knee cap back on track and prevent further damage but this will only delay a knee replacement, you will need one down the road but it will be way down the road when you are older"

^^^^ that right there is what I don't like about military, they put you off, you don't get the same doctor and it takes forever to get anything done. The military member might get free health care and dental but the family members do not. But they get the same setup treatment and care... (***)
So now that you understand the situation a little more.. you can see my dilemma.
It's gonna be hard for me to get there as soon as it starts happening, due to more than 1 factor
1 car
random doctors
6am rush to get an appointment... what happens if it doesn't start popping up until 9am?
and to top it all off you have to fight with them to take you seriously when it comes to you knowing there is a problem.
It's all soo discouraging that I almost don't want to bother, but I know I have to so I can put my mind at ease.