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Clavicle bone lump

clavicle bone - mass / tumor ?

So here is the history...about 8 months ago my 15 year old son had pain in his leg. They found a cyst in the bone. After several doctors we were told it was nothing to worry about.
Now, he has a lump on his clavicle bone where it meets the sternum. Because of his history ( and other issues, coloboma, ADHD, missing toe nails) we were sent to a surgeon to see about removing it. The surgeon thought it was a ganglion cyst and scheduled surgery to remove it.
Surgery was today and when the doctor opened to remove it he immediately saw that it was not a cyst on the bone, but rather the knot was part of the bone. So he closed the incision and did nothing.
Now he wants more test and xrays.
Of course we are really concerned....we obviously did not ask enough questions of the surgeon and dont go back for a week.
Any ideas what we might be looking at?

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