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Unhappy Re: pregnant, bleeding & scared that I'm having a miscarriage!!

Sorry I'm just now replying. I've been pulling my hair out these last few days. I want to start off by saying thank you CJ!! I really appreciate your support. Also, thank you cpm1228. I hope everything goes well with u too!!
I went to the ER yesterday and my hcg levels went down. I finally went to my ob/gyn today. They drew more blood to see if my levels are going down more. Idk the results yet. The dr said the results should be in tomorrow. Here's the weird part....when my dr check me he said that my cervix was closed at the time which means I wasn't miscarrying right then. But I could've already miscarried. On our way home I had my husband stop at CVS Pharmacy so I could get a pregnancy test. I got home and to my surprise it was still positive. What I'm wanting to know is, will the pregnancy test still show up positive if you've already miscarried?? Or am I still pregnant?? I know I'm just driving myself crazy with all of this but I need to know the answer like a few days ago. I don't like not knowing. I'm having a ultrasound to confirm everything tomorrow. If anyone can help me out please please do so.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention, since all of this has happened, it's put a bigger wedge between me and my husband. So, we both are having a difficult time with this. I knew it would because the same thing happened when our 3 year old passed away but he promised me it wouldn't. I really don't know what to do about that.