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Re: 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

I have a 10 yr old with PDD, she is high functioning (no special ed, attends regular classes) but at this age she had much of the same symptoms. she didn't talk till she was 3, held poo, hypersensitive, tunnel vision, some noises "hurt" her, some she didnt hear at all. tongue chewing (her tick), and on. she was also brilliant with puzzles at 2- no imaginative play though. and even in a room full of children she would only play beside them not with them. good news even if your daughter has the same thing; with the right OT (as mentioned above this takes time and patience and tons of paperwork) She may be just fine, a little "quarky/odd" by others standards but intelligent, functioning, productive, adult. I think its slightly harder because you have to find a way into their "world" as they see it, not yours. but its a totally beautiful experience. good luck. oh and lots of kids show "signs" and Dont actually have any form of autism, but its better to get her checked out- the earlier the intervention the better

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