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low TSH vs low FT3/FT4 question

Thank you in advance for any insight into this question, I haven't been able to find an answer yet. I have low TSH but in normal range. I also have low FT4 and lower FT3 (both lower than 50% mark).

Anyway, my naturopath said yes they're low but normal range and not going to do anything about it because my TSH is low and if medicate for low FT3/4, it will lower TSH and put me into hyperT. Internist said all normal. ENT said I'm fine.

I've been living with nodules for years and I guess nothing needs to be done with them. I imagine they're about filling up my thyroid as some are 2cm, some 1cm and some smaller. I've never had symptoms until recently. Neck/ear pain, thyroid area/some lymph nodes sore and have some swallowing issues as well as some hypo type issues, fatigue, headaches, horrible muscle/joint pain, hair loss and texture change, weight gain etc. Massage therapist said all from tight muscles (computer work 10hrs/day). ENT said all from acid reflux. Internist said I'm fine.

Can anyone tell me if I should continue to try to find an answer from the medical field or do I have my answers = live with it? I'm frustrated and confused. Thank you so much!

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