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Re: low TSH vs low FT3/FT4 question

Sorry you've been dealing with clueless doctors.

Lowering your TSH will not make you hyperthyroid *unless* it also increases your FreeT4 and FreeT3 levels so much that they are over-range and you are dealing with hyper symptoms.

Per thyroid textbooks, healthy people have FreeT4 levels near the high end of the range and FreeT3 levels above mid-range.

It seems that all of the doctors you've seen were sleeping during thyroid class.

"The Autoimmune Epidemic" states that the average person with an autoimmune disease (most cases of thyroid disease are) sees 6 doctors before getting a proper diagnosis/treatment. I know I wound up seeing 5....

These are the suggestions I have to offer re finding a thyroid-savvy doctor:

1. networking
2. check the Top Thyroid Doctors site for a listing in your area
3. ask local pharmacists (not the counter help) for names of doctors that prescribe either Armour or Cytomel. Doctors that Rx either of these tend to be more thyroid-savvy
4. contact the Broda Barnes Foundation and pay ~$18 to get an information packet that includes a list of doctors in your state who follow Dr. Barnes' ideology (Dr. Barnes was the author of "Hypothyroidism - An Unsuspected Illness" and was lightyears ahead of his time)
5. find a doctor that prescribes bioidentical hormones either by checking websites or contacting compounding pharmacies (they are likely to have names of doctors that prescribe Armour which usually means they're more thyroid-savvy)

Idea #1 worked for me....the other ideas have worked for others. I hope one works for you.
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