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Unhappy Re: Please Take A Stab At This!

Back for possibly the last time..

I had my follow up visit to my barium xray series and follow-through yesterday (after a horrible, hellish migraine yesterday morning ugh).

The doctor said they can detect no inflammation or disease but that the radiologist noted that I have extremely fast transit times, with the barium going through both small and large intestines in 30 minutes. I already knew that.

The doctor, to my dismay, told me they have diagnosed IBS D because this seems to be purely functional, despite having no pain, cramps, constipation, etc etc. Awesome. Lovely. On a positive note, he is eager to treat the symptoms so I can live a normal life, instead of a being a 30 year old recluse.

So he is making me try Cholestyramine. Again. My previous gastro already had me try this and it really was not effective for me. In fact, the last time I stopped using it because it was causing more gurgling and bowel movements than I wanted. I guess Imodium is simply more effective for me. The doctor does not want me using Imodium or Lomotil on a daily basis anymore, which is why we're trying the bile sequestrant again. So far, my bowel feels uncomfortable and full, like I need to go any moment, and I've already gone more today that I have in months past. This is after taking the first dose this morning. I really do not have faith in this treatment, as it seems to prompt a succession of bowel movements when I take it. I am taking it after breakfast, per doctors orders.

He is having me try it for two months, keeping a diary of the med dose and following movements. If this is not effective, we move up to Lotronex. Scary.

Anyone have experience with the Cholestyramine and have any idea why it may make things worse for me?

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