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Scared of brain tumour, please help...

Hello.. I'm 20 years old and a mess at the moment. Really frightened about my health right now, thinking it could be something serious, perhaps a brain tumour... Please help me ...

My problems are as follows:

* Ear fullness/pressure in right ear, been there for 2-3 years.
* Slight hearingloss on that ear(10db in some frequencies)
* Migraines once a month, more frequent recently(I think),started 3 years ago
* Sleep Apnea(been told by a friend that I stop breathing in sleep :S)
* Shortness of Breath/Air Hunger, the last week only.(anxiety?)

Basically I have a question regarding my headache, and if it could be caused by a brain tumour... Is a headache caused by a tumour located to the tumour or close to it, or can it appear on the other side as well? My migraine is almost always located to the left temple, sometimes the right temple. It's a pulsating feeling, hurts more when I do physical activities, walking or whatever.

The migraines present with a visual aura about 20-30min before the pain hits, but usually the pain is really mild, sometimes moderate, but never severe.

I've been getting these migraines for approxiomately 3-4 years now, hard to tell exactly when they began. They've been appearing about once a month recently, and I'm getting really scared..

I got an appt with an ENT in 1 month for my ear fullness, and I plan to tell him/her about my migraines and breathing problems too, and maybe get a referal.

I've ended up in the ER three times this week because of the breathing problems. They've done heart and lung tests, and blood tests, everything turned out fine.

I'm really at a loss here, and I'm having a hard time enjoying my vacation, I'm a mess at the moment.. I don't know what to do, as I feel like I can't go to the ER a fourth time...

Thank you for listening to me, I really need any advice/comfort I can get...

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