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Okay, so no MS diagnosis at this time. This neuro seemed to be totally uninterested in anything and didn't bother looking at the MRI himself. He also was not part of the MS clinic because my GP's nurse only sent me for "dizzyness". He didn't have the MRI report but finally got it and said the brain looks good. You are fine you just have vertigo and probably optic migraines. However he wants me to come back in 2 weeks and then repeat the brain MRI in 3 months. No other tests were done in the office other than walking. No feeling tests even though I told him about numbness and no vibration tests. He didn't care a bit about the itching episode I had or the fact that when I get hot is when these symptoms get worse. Should I accept that all is good and stop looking? Should I really even go back to this guy who made me feel like I was wasting his time? I asked if this could all be related to the RA and his response was it isn't likely related to the medications but I am not a rheumatologist. Then when I asked him about the optic neuritis he told me he wasn't an ophthalmologist but it didn't show up on MRI. Would it show up so many months out? Any why no other tests to see about feeling and numbness?