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Re: GERD and "Juicy Mouth"?

First, thanks for the reply!.

I don't know what causes the extra saliva thing either. I've had this off and on for years. I'm not drooling or anything and it's usually much more noticable when I'm eating but it's still one more symptoms I have to worry about. How often do you get it and how much extra saliva do you have?. Do you get it only when you eat or at certain times?. What gets me is that when I talk to other people with GERD they tell me that they have never heard of the extra saliva thing and yet "suddenly producing more saliva" and "water brash" are supposed to be common for people with GERD. Strange.

I had been diagnose with GERD, Gastritis, IBS and Lactose Intolerance a long time ago. I took Prevacid. They also did an endoscopy and colonoscopy on me and removed some benign polyps. I'm almost 50 and have had all kinds of stomach issues since I was a teen. I had the barium swallow when I was younger (yuk!). Not fun .

Keep in touch. It would be great talking with you again.

- Regards, Steve

Originally Posted by Spunkyhunny View Post
hi steven
i dont get as severe juicy mouth but it does seem to happen every so often out of the blue..dont know why tho...i do have a question for you though..when you had your ct scan done how did they tell you had GERD from that...i always thought you had to have barium or endo for that....the reason i ask is i also had the same ct scan as you did because of my stomach and they didnt tell me anything at fact they said nothing about my stomach on the test results..which kinda freaked me
just curious...
i also have anxiety and get stressed easily,,i think that is how all my troubles started..sudden EXTREME long term stress...( i would say at least since december of last year)...its getting slowly better,,,but i can slip easily...
Hope you feel better soon
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