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Thank You and a few Questions

First, thank you for all the posts on this board and to the good folks that made this board possible. Since I found this board I now know that I'm not crazy or about to GO crazy and a whole bunch of other things are just normal for what I am going through.

I am 49, no children, regular periods with a few extra thrown in for good measure. Cysts and fiborous stuff seems to run on both sides of my family. I'm the oldest on both sides to still have all the plumbing. I have been experiencing about 90% of the "list of 66 symptoms" for several years now.

Last year my gyno (had same one for 20+ years) told me that I wasn't in peri or maybe just getting started, we'll talk about it at your annual next year..... Had I known about all the other symptoms involved, I would have looked for help sooner. I really thought I might be going crazy. That being said, I have an appointment with a new gyno (female!) to decide what to do about a fiborous mass behind uterine wall.

I'm looking for advice on what I should expect from a "good" gyno. What are things yours did to help you determine how best to handle this crazy thing that seems to be running our life? I would like to go in with a mental list of things she should hopefully be checking/questioning. I would also like to know what helped you (if you have the time/patience to share) therapy wise.

I really just want my quality of life back! I work in a very male dominated industry and can't hold my own when I will cry just having a normal conversation or have to stop and go stand in front of the fan because my body just burst into hotflash flames.

Thank you for your time and I apologize for the book.

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