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Referred to hematologist, what to expect?

Hi all, I'm 18 years old and for the last 6 months iv had a lump under my armpit. I went to one doctor who brushed it off telling me nothing more than "that's just a lymph node" even though my armpit is clearly swollen to twice the size of the other one!
Iv been feeling ill for a while now, like I'm coming down with a cold or the flu and in the last month iv woke up on a number of occasions covered in sweat. Some nights I'm drenched to the point of changing pyjamas and sheets, some nights I just wake up with wet hair, a wet neck, chest and a damp pillow. The majority of nights though I just have a normal night where don't sweat at all so the sweating isn't consistent.
I went back to the gp,asked for a different doctor and told her my symptoms, she ran blood tests which all came back clear apart from a slightly high liver count. She then said she had to think about what to do because some of my symptoms were slightly concerning. She rang me back yesterday saying that she was concerned and wanted to refer me to the hospital to see a haemotologist. She said she'd put me down as urgent and I would be seeing them in a week or two.
I don't really know why iv come on here I don't expect anyone to make a diagnosis or tellu me I do or don't have lymphoma but I was wondering what I would expect at this appointment? And just kind of the likelihood of it being lymphoma?
I suffer from anxiety so its literally all iv been thinking about, going through different scenarios in my head. The wait is horrible for anyone though, with or without anxiety.
Anyway I would appreciate it if someone who has been through this themselves or knows anyone who has could shed some light on what I can expect from here because I don't really have anyone else to talk to about it as I haven't actually told anyone what the doctors suspect I have, just that iv been referred to the hospital.

Thanks in advance.


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