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Re: Referred to hematologist, what to expect?

Thanks for the advice both of you I appreciate it I have mentioned it to two of my friends and neither of them reacted, I don't think they knew what lymphoma was and they just sort of said oh I'm sure its nothing. I don't think they understand the severity they just think I have a chat or something that needs removing. I think that's why iv come on here just to find someone who doesn't know me that I can tell them I'm worried without them thinking I'm over reacting.
Also ladybud thanks for the advice regarding the ultrasound etc but I'm in the UK and I think the hospital will just order any tests that are needed. My doctor did say she needed to think about whether to order a scan or refer me straight to the hemotologist so I'm not sure whether the hemotologist will just decide from here what tests I need. I guess that's why I'm a bot confused cos I'm not really sure how it all works. Will have to wait and see I spose!
Thanks again for your support