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Cool Re: Cost of generic adderall

Your best bet if you do not have prescription health coverage, is look around the internet for free prescription cards and use the best one that will save you the most. I also take 20mg of adderall with a 60 count and it hurts the wallet if you dont have insurance, the free card will at least take 50% off and the best places to take it too are cosco, rite-aid or albertsons. I have found they are cheaper by as much as 60 to 70 % off for generic. Im switching to 30mg because it seems an enormous amount of people are taking the 20mg and therefore caused a shortage of supply and increased the cost by 40%. I was paying an average of 30 bucks a month up too as high as 80 dollars, the 80 was my bad took it to Ralphs pharmacy. The average for it right now is 56 to 59 dollars for the amount mentioned above. If you choose to move up in strength it wont change the cost, because pharmacies only charge by the count, not strength.