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Genital wart?

I am a married, bi male, 53. Routinely practice safe sex, however, I realize that condoms don't always protect against warts. Recently I discovered one very small bump just under the head of my penis on the foreskin. I have no idea if this is a wart and I'm just looking for some ideas from others.

First, there is only one bump, it never grows or changes in color - almost white, not flesh colored. I've searched for others and don't find anything, anywhere. Also, this doesn't look like anything I've seen - it isn't rough or cauliflower like in appearance, it isn't brown or redish at the base, it never itches or bothers me. I'd like to think it isn't a wart at all, but haven't seen my doc to have it checked. Actually, my doc also sees my wife and while I understand confidentiality, is he required by law to report this IF in fact it is a genital wart? Also, if he treats it, that will show up on the insurance and that paperwork comes to the house.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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