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Re: Grandparents looking after grandchildren.

Thanks for the wisdom. Although it was getting better and I did cut down on babysitting, unfortunately I couldn't say no all together to my kids, now it all caught up with me, because the last couple weeks I'm ill and cannot do it at all for the time being. They know on their own not to bring the kids here now but I am rethinking a lot of things on my sick bed. I would love to be just grandma, come and visit and not have to babysit, and give me a choice, yes, I would like that. I also would like the kids to come for shorter periods so I can enjoy them, not be committed to babysitting, and not have to stress out or get tired with them being here too long...yes, I would like that.

As grateful that I am to be a grandma and to have those lovely children in my life, I'm not cut out for looking after them any length of time. I think it's okay to say that. Looking after babies and toddlers is downright hard tiring work and maybe if I was healthier or younger, I could do it, right now I can't.

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