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Are these floaters

This is not bothering me in any way, I'm just curious and couldn't find much on Google.

I know what floaters are. I've seen floaters in the edge of my vision that drift to the edges when you try to focus on them. They are usually larger relative to thing I am seeing and move slower. What I am seeing I am sure are not floaters or at least another form of it.

Basically if I look out of the window then I see hundreds and hundreds of tiny translucent things swimming and wriggling around incredibly fast (much faster than the drift of a floater) in quite small erratic motions. They totally cover my vision. They aren't just at the edges, they are everywhere. It looks like hundreds of little sparks or worms darting around. I don't necessarily have to be looking at the sky. I can see them all the time if it's just bright enough.

I'm short-sighted and if I take my glasses off then I can focus on them so that it seems like they are just in front of me (and they are even smaller like pinprick size) moving in three dimensions and they seem to glow. It's like hundreds of bright specks quickly moving around backwards and forwards and in circles.

I couldn't find much about them. I don't think they are the same thing as floaters. I saw it mentioned a few times that it is white blood cells. If that is true then it's amazing -- how could I see those without magnification?

My eyes are healthy as far as I know. I had a routine check recently. I think these are something everyone has because I can remember seeing them as a child when looking at a blue sky and I believe children don't get floaters.

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