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Re: Is daughters fast heart rate ok!

Hello, thought i would do an update as my daughters heart rate is now 120 to 126bpm!

What happened i think, to make her heart go so fast is last Saturday night (6 dasy ago) she was in a night club dancing, one of her friends thought it would be funny to put a bit of ecstacey, in her drink, (sorry can't spell it but its other name is MDNA i think) She rang me at 4am panicking as she felt so strange and was frightened. One of the female friends told her what this guy had done, She came home ,and now her heart rate has been this high and has not gone down, could this drug have caused her heart to go this high for this long. Her friend said it was only a small amount he put in her glass!

I have made her a dr's appointment for Monday evening, and she seems to be fine otherwise, she is still going to work etc. Should i be really concerned that it is going this high now.

Thank you xx

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