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Unhappy Will my toenail ever get better and grow normally?

About a month ago I had a lot of pain in my right big toe and i figured that my heels or tight work shoes could have caused it to bruise. When i took my nail polish off it was a bit blackish on the bottom left corner, so I was convinced it was bruised and proceeded to wearing more comfortable shoes. However a few days ago- pain subsided- i looked at it again. and Where where the cuticle is... it appeared all white. So being the investigative dummy I am i poked it and I looked again and realized that my toe nail had actually split from the cuticle but only around the middle of the cuticle. The cuticle is still attached on either side and on either side of thenail. When i took off my nail polish i found that most of my nail had turned yellow besides a millimeter of pink on the top and around the right side. The hole is large enough to allow water in and when I shower i squeeze the water out- gross.. i know. I went to my pediatrist and she gave me a cream to prevent/ stop fungal infection.. but I'm freaking out and hoping that my toe nail will either re-attach, or whether another nail will grow out underneath? PLEASE HELP>

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