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swollen lymph node..

I originally posted this in anxiety but thought maybe here would be appropriate.

I've had a lot of stuff going on with my sick parents in the past 3 months. my mom had 14 hour brain surgery which sent me through the roof as far as anxiety.

in may i went to the ER for major headache/ear pain. had a CT scan and it showed nothing bad. dr said could be TMJ due to my anxiety and grinding teeth, etc.

in july i went to the ER after feeling a lymph node in my neck and chest pains. had the whole chest pain work up, xray, blood work, etc, everything came back fine. the doctor said it was a lymph node and that it was normal and prob wouldn't have found it had i not been digging for one.

last week i went to the ER with ear pain again, and also worrying about this damn swollen lymph node. turns out i had a double ear infection. i started antibiotics last friday.

the node is still swollen, it's firm (not hard as a rock, but kind of hard) it feels "fixed" to me but the ER doctor said it felt like a "normal" swollen lymph node (I said it feels like it's attached to the skin--and he said, it has to be attached to something.. touche! LOL).

my question is, has anyone experienced this? i know i'm sick NOW with an ear infection but the node had been swollen for a good 4-6 weeks prior to getting sick, and i wasn't sick to my knowledge to cause this. also, can nodes swell PRIOR to getting sick (like 4-6 weeks before i actually got an illnes.. seems far fetched!)

i do have occassional night sweats but i believe they are from zoloft. no other symptoms.

of course i'm thinking the worst that i have cancer that spread to the lymph nodes and whatever else.

can anyone shed some light or give me some reassurance?

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