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Re: GERD and "Juicy Mouth"?

I just wanted to explain myself a little better.

The extra saliva thing usually comes on in episodes that last a few weeks. I have it throughout the day but especially while eating. It does not seem to affect me while I'm asleep. I don't drool and my mouth doesn't get full or anything but I sometimes have to keep my mouth closed when working around food or being around people so it doesn't "squirt" out. I also have a molar that is slowly rotting away (but not infected) and I get a really strong metallic taste from it all the time. I also have GERD, IBS, Gastritis and am lactose intolerant. Sometimes I do get heartburn but even when I don't, I still have this extra saliva issue. Not sure if any of this makes sense. Like right now I don't have any extra saliva but 5 minutes from now I could start producing more and have to keep swallowing. Again, I hope this makes sense. Is this what any of you folks are going through as well?.

Thanks again, Steve
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