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Re: How often to take methadone

Hi T girl, Thats the same dose i took for for about 2 years prior to my pump. I took it 4 times a day and I get it only lasted 4 hours for pain even though it has a long half life. No I have never heard of a pharamcy making a LA version, in their eyes, no need because of half life but taking it for pain is different than once or twice a day for meth maint for addiction. I usually found by the 4th dose I had enough in me to coast through the night without much of a problem. Try to time the last dose closer to bed and hopefully it will get you through the night. Although it worked well for pain I hated the way it felt and how it robbed me of motivation too improve my own situation. It was more like that dose made it tolerable to live with pain and shut off from the world. Which is something I wouldn't except now. When I had the pump put in they started very low and I had plenty of meth to taper down for a couple months, but because I despised how it made me feel, I took a little for 3 days and then just stopped. It did take 6 months to get the dose right, but at the time I had gone with pain untreated for 8 years so I figured what's 6 months compared to the lifetime ahead. although I dont get much more pain relief than on meth, I only have about 1/10th the side effects from intrathecal morphine and then dilaudid.

Since switching to dialaudid Ive been able to limit increases to small increments every 2 or 3 years. I dont want to go back to sweating and falling asleep while watching TV in the middle of the day. Knodding out really isn;t something you want family or friends seeing or at least I didn't, so switching to the pump was like having my brain turned back on as far as cognative effetcs, I had the energy and motivation to work out, loose 40 lbs and return to work part time under the ticket to work program SSD offers. It took about a year to get from freshly implanted to gong back to work part time but it has been the best decsion of my life as far as dealing with CP and disablity.

Their is nothng worse for your health then being sedentary and nothing worse for your psyche than being home bound and apretty much a shut in due to pain, side efects and physical limits that I was able to increase through excercise. I really have never heard of someone on meth working out or excercising. It's a motivation killer along with a labido killer. Their is a price for everything. The idea that opiates are somehow benign once you get used to the dose is just a myth. People get used to feeling clouded and dont realize how severe it is untill you remove that component from pain management.

The other key thing is expectations. Obviously you need to have realistic expectations, if you expect to be pain free it would be tough to maintain that even if you had short honeymoon periods with each new dose increase. For me it came down to how many side effects was I willing to put up with. Once my head was clear I was less and less wiling to go back to the way things were. Being disabled and a shut in due to pain, med side effects and disablity is hardly what any doc would call improvement other than the patient doesn't complain as much.

Hopefully you will be able to do something positive with your new found relief. I do belive we have an obligation too. It's not just the docs job to give us as much as we ask for to reach a level of relief. Once that level is reached it's our job to improve our own situation, whether it's excercise, getting out of the house or simply finding something that makes you feel better about yourself, that part falls on the patient.
Good luck, Dave

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