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Re: Anxiety attacks coming back.

Ok, it's a shame America doesn't help people more who need it. I'm currently waiting to be referred to a Cognitive Therapist, it's a long waiting list but it's free. However if I want deeper therapy which my partner and I feel I need, my doctor won't refer me so I either need to seek a second opinion or change doctor which is hard to do.

See, I don't see irrational thoughts AS anxiety, it's connected but anxiety to me is the feelings you get, the physical feelings, irrational thoughts can create anxiety which obviously then becomes a cycle.

How can I help you? Do you just want to vent it out and have someone listen, should I give you my own experiences or offer advice? Is there any particular time you suffer with the thoughts (or are they worse at any time). Mine were worse around my period, I honestly felt like I was going crazy to the point I started skipping it by taking my contraceptive pills 3 months in a row (allowed to do), but I have stopped those worries and don't do that anymore so hopefully you'll get past it eventually. xxx