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Re: How often to take methadone

I take 50 mg's in the am followed by 50 mg's in the pm...Mine works about 6 hours for pain usually I take the pm 50 mg's 6 hours early like around 2 pm...then I wake uparound 5am and take 50 mg's...My dr will not go up anymore on the Methadone. He actually did not want to move me up from 90...actually when I started on it he said he did not want me past 50 mg's a day...well 2 years later I am at 100mg's /day,,,but yes my dose goves about 6 hours of pain relief...and my Dr swears it is suppose to give me 12 hours... at least...

In another unrelated note...has anyone run out of thier methadone a day or two early? did you start going into withdrawels...I never run out early but this month I have...I took my last dose saturday night and was scared to death because I have heard horror's been 2 days and I am still okay..I just have to hold out until tomorrow and I can get it refilled...I hate having to deal with pain life use to be so much easier before my back went to he$l!

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