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Disc Protrusion L5/S1

Hey all,

I recently found out that I have a disc protrusion at L5/S1, and I'm honestly quite a bit terrified. I've read online that most people get better in time with either PT/chiro work/etc., but seeing all of the discussions regarding surgery and years of pain here freaks me out!

Here is more regarding my situation:

24 year old female, had "thrown out" my back a few times in the past, but apart from that, no real health issues.

So, in mid March I'm out to dinner with friends, and suddenly start to feel this awful pain in my lower back, which only gets worse throughout the night. The only thing that made it better was taking off my heels. For the next two months, I try to endure the pain. I see a doctor, and they just prescribe me muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory, and say Iíll be fine in a just a few days. Not the case. I am able to live my life, and get around, but my back still hurts, and I have trouble bending over.
Mid May I start going to a chiropractor who does massage on my lower back and glutes, and cites that most of the tension is in my glutesóbut that he thinks the whole thing is muscular, and dates back to when I was hit by a car 4 years ago (there was no back injury from that accident). That helps for a while, but he then says he wants to do SASTM on me (apparently really breaking down all the muscles), and that seemed a bit much, so I stopped going. At this point, I feel much much better, and can bend over and move around again. With the exception of some muscle tightness still, I feel good to go and think this problem might be over!
At the very beginning of July, Iím having sex with my boyfriend, and he pushes hard against my legs, and I feel something pull real bad. I go back to the doctor, and get ordered Physical Therapy. The first week, I am in SO MUCH pain. Its hard to sit up, sit down, get out of bed, anything. Sitting is the worst. I dread getting in my car, going to work etc. And I can feel the pain in my tailbone. I continue with PT, and am generally feeling a lot better.
About a week ago though, I thought I felt some pain in my calf. It is very very mild. I donít know if I would even call it pain. Its mostly a ďto the touchĒ sensation, so if I donít touch it I donít notice it. I finally get an MRI done, and get the results back, with protrusion in L5S1.
I would say that right now, the majority of my pain is in my glutes, and hip area. And most of it feels like a muscle ache. I have trouble sleeping at night, but I think thatís partially due to buying a new bed that is just too firm (my boyfriend wakes up with back pain when he sleeps in it too). I can move around pretty well now, pick things up off the ground, and generally am not to bothered by my pain. Itís still uncomfortable to sit for a prolonged period of time though.
Do you think I will require surgery? I am so nervous from reading about disc issues because it seems like no one ever gets any relief, surgery or not. My parents seemed unphased (apparently my dad has three disc herniationsóhe has always had back pain, but he has never not be able to live his life).
I have to wait to see a spine specialist, so any guidance or support would be much appreciated. I feel like Iím way too young for this to be an issue

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