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Re: I am quitting smoking starting today

Good luck! I just quit cold turkey 2 days ago and it's not that bad--you just have to WANT it, you know? Like, i keep getting urges to smoke and I feel kinda crappy, but it just makes me even more determined to quit. I do NOT want to stay in withdrawal for the next 10-20 years. I tried patches, gum, prescriptions, lozenges, even tried using an e-cigarette in the past, but Allen Carr's Easyway book is the only thing that could do it for me.

Edit: lol dont you love how I'm speaking as if i've already accomplished it?

Oh and if you want the meds, best ask for it sooner rather than later, as you often have to start taking them one week before your quit date (you can smoke throughout the first week you're taking them). Watch out for weight gain with the meds.

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