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Possible inner ear disorder?

On April 12th night my surroundings stared to spin, there was no ringing in my ears, movement made my dizziness worst. I slept. I felt normal for the next 3 days. However I started to have weird sensations after that.
My symptoms started off with extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, unreal to surroundings, giddy spells (with cold sweats) and tension headaches. KKH confirmed infection in both my ears and throat on April 19th. After a week of antibodies and ear drops, my infection stopped. However the below symptoms continued from 26th April, 24/7 every minute until now.
When walking:
1) Brain fog
2) Constant woozy, fainting sensation
3) Fuzzy blurred vision
4) Lightheaded
5) Uncomfortably ďdrunkĒ sensation
6) Trouble focusing vision
When sitting down:
1) Constant internal movement when still (jerking sensation to all directions)
2) Forward or backwards thrusting sensation when still
3) Swaying sensation like a pendulum when still
4) Sudden falling sensation frequently
5) Brain fog
6) Frequent nausea without vomiting
7) Trouble focusing vision
Additional details
1) Internal movements are relieved when Iím in motion. Thus I find myself physically swaying back and forth to relief the internal sensations.
2) Laying down reliefs the internal motion too.
3) When train or car stops, I still feel like Iím moving forwards with it.
4) Numb for head (the area above eyebrows)
5) Tension headaches after exercise
6) Extreme stress and anxiety (understandable but I am sure they are precipitations rather than the cause)
7) In caloric test, my right ear responded weaker compared to my left ear.
8) Burning itch and pain in the left ear during and after swimming

These symptoms are constant every moment throughout these few months and its extremely debilitating. It is severely impacting of life and studies. Emotional distresses are also consistent.
Thank you for your time.

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