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Red face acne has ruined my life

hi i am new on hear and have never wrote about my issues like this before but il try anyway! acne has ruined my life i know to some people this might seem like a huge over statement but if you have not lived with severe acne for almost half your life its hard to understand what a dramatic efffect it can have on a person. my acne started at 16 before i had acne my life was very easy i was always called pretty i had grate grades in school had grate self esteem lifes prospects and my future seemd clear and i knew who i was and what i wanted to be ! i thought i had it all so clear at a young age but then in a matter of weeks whyle i was 16 my face just began to brake out and change before my eyes big red systic spots that grew and changed everyday! i went to a dermatologist right away and soon after went on roacutane ! the side effects scared me but i felt it was worth a try . it did help calm it down for a small amount of time but i felt i was lossing alot of hair whyle on the drug so i stoped useing it. i feel after useing it that my hair never got as thick agen as it was before and it has realy taken a tole on me as my hair was my crown and glory for years before my acne and roacutane ! nobody has said my hair looks thin and if i ask people thay say its ok but i know myself that it is not as thick as it should be and it gets to me grately.. anyway my skin has continued to bleed wheep and puss for over 8 years now it has had times were it was almost clear but then erupts agen ! i fell into a deep depresion with the stress and pain from the acne and feeling like i was a monster school was hell i would be harrased called pizza face made feel like an out cast and ultimatly tryed to kill myself ! then was put on 200 mg of antidpresants for over 5 years but i resently stoped as i felt enuf was enuf ! i am now hitting 24 i have got by in life by useing makeup to hide my acne ( i know people say make upp blocks poors and makes acne worse but mine was horrible b4 i ever used make up) make up has been the only thing thats alowed me to have a social life ! i have made alot of frends over the years been told im beutifull been loved been hated been all the things a person usualy should be but the acne is always there i feel like a huge phoney becouse all my looks are just makeup and clever hair styling (side parting ) that covers half my face and looks sort of emo/gothic and over compinsating with nice cloths that show off my figure and that sort of thing! my acne is worse then ever i thought it would have stoped by now as people always say that a person grows out of it in there 20s i am always waiting and wishing and hopeing for that day to come ! and the worst thing is i feel my youthfull face is getting older looking like tired bags under my eyes and the onset of wrinkles and the worst part is i cant treat them with anti wrinkle creams becouse the oils make my acne evan worse and all my frends and evan my boyfrend have perfect skin and youthfull faces i feel my skin has been dryed out from all the years of drying acne clensers and years of antibiotic creams ! i realy feel at a loss and its getting harder and harder to go out be with frends and evan my boyfrend dosnt see me all the time cuz i hide from him when i get brakeouts that sumtimes last over 3 weeks and i dont know how im ment to move in with him get a job and start liveing when all i do is sit around eating almost nothing but salad trying for my skin to get better . ! its just so hard to have teenage acne but also have skin that is sumhow prematurely ageing the hole mix of the two is realy sending me over the edge and i realy feel like acne has won! i have let go of many frends and opportunities due to acne as it is easyer to stay inside and let go of frends becouse i was sick of letting them down on brake out days ! but anyway i just wanted to ask if anyone has had a similer acne experiance as i have? and if there is any products that are good for anti ageing and also kind to acne ? i realy need help!

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