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Re: Anxiety over HIV.

Originally Posted by bobwerid View Post
Hye guys.

I guess, I'm having a very bad anxiety and OCD over HIV. but just need reassurance from you guys.

1. On last May, I went to Bangkok and went to massage place. In there, the masseur have done handjob to me and I was rubbing her nipple and breast. I believe this is non-risk act. Isn't it?

Hi Bob, yes your correct, zero risk.

2. in the same trip above, I was assigned to be in the same room with my colleague which is gay. I was very afraid and worried if let say he did something like anal raping me while i was asleep. and i did some research, they said that it is impossible that i will get rape but stay asleep. every morning when i woke up, i was never feel any discomfort on my anus. which comfirming that nothing was done to me by him.

Complete Paranoia, why would he rape you? Even if you did, you would know.

a week after the trip, i was done the rapid test and it showed up negative.

3. I have another worries, which is getting stabbed by a syringe in the bus. almost everyday, i go to my workplace by bus. and almost everytime i will get sleep in the way to the office which took almost 2 hours. so i am very worried that what if some people or some lunatics gets into the bus and stabbed me with the syringe. if this does happen, is it really risky to me?

I use needles for work and if you were stabbed you would know, they really hurt. Dont belive me try it. Again OCD and parnoia here.

4. last week, i was getting my hair cut done. and the barber was a bit rough while shaving me. i've got cut and bleed from that. and i believe that he havnt change the razor and most probably he was use the razor that he used before to other customer. is this a risk or non-risk? I'm afraid if the person before me was a hiv+ person and he also got cut by the same barber.

Zero risk, he would change the razors, they cost pence, but even if he didnt you would not be at risk as HIV cannot survive outside the body so the virus would have died, again parnoia bob.

So, do i really need to get tested from all above worries? or should i let it go. I will get married in next two months. i really worried if i give her something bad.

You dont need to test at all, but you should get some help with your phobia of HIV and for your OCD to. Healthboards has a OCD forum and you could post in their to get some advice and support from members who are better equiped of dealing with mental health conditions.

I know most of the things that i worries is my anxiety over hiv. so lets say if you guys say that none of the above carry a risk of hiv, should i conclude that so long i dont do IV drug sharing, or do unprotected sex, i will free from HIV? and no need to do any testing?

The risks that you have mentioned did not pose any risk to your self. Hope that helps


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