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Re: Stapedectomy post op symptoms

Hi AJ. I used to come on to this forum a lot before and after my similar operation. Best advice I was given was to be patient which is very hard when you read of people having instant improvement. I had to wait quite a few weeks before I had a big improvment as the packing has to disolve along with any scars that are also inside and more importantly the middle ear will take time to clear too. I have a titanium prosthesis in my ear. When I had my first big improvement it was like my ear popped and someone put the volume up and everything became very clear. Only thing I have experienced along with others is that you dont seem to notice the hearing going down again until it suddenly pops and goes loud again. This eventually stopped although it does come happen sometimes even now making me think the prosthesis has fallen out. Remember not to try and pop your ears by yourself using the thumbs on the nostrils and blowing as this could damage the operated ear. I imagine you have been told all this already. Give it a little more time and patience and be positive with the things you notice that have improved already even if very slight. Hope this helps. Steve.