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Re: How often to take methadone

Hey Tortoise, Unfortunately they cant put meth in a pump. It has to be water sauluable and preservative free and for whatever reaon methadone isn't on the list/ Morphine, Dilauadid, Fentnayl, sufentanyl and Prialt "cone snail toxin" Along with some other adjunct meds, like marcain,. Baclofen along clonodine. Basically what happened to me was I need an increase in meth and I went from 120 to 140mgs a day and I just hit a wall as far as not being able to accomadate or tolerate the side effects and since I didn't have script insurance going back to kadian or even MSC wasn't an option. That pretty much sealed the deal for the pump. Im sure some day I could potentially hit that same wall with the pump but so far I have been able to go years between increasses and on dilaudid since the second year. I triied bupivicaine and we added a little clononodine to the mix last year but it has it's own set of side efects like the marcaine. We all just have to decide what we can tolerate as far as side effects in exchange for relief. I didnt want my daughter to grow up with me knodding off on the couch all the time and I doubt my wife would have been to cool with it. Their are other things when you hit high dose like urinary retention, constipation and and I'm sure you are aware of the rest. I have found that plain old herbal "cascara segrada" is the cheapest and easiest way to manage constipation. It's cheap and easy to take a capsule a day and it's the primary ingredient in all the high dollar colon cleanse produts.

It's great your working out, Ive slacked off for a month or so, working 2 days a week has been kicking my backside, the only thing i can think of to make it easier to get through a 8 hour day is get back in shape and excercise. Its pretty impressive how quick you can get back to where you were, i can usually do it in a week but then pushing past that is the hard part.

What I meant by the 4th dose carrying me through the night was each dose seemed to build upon the previous, if you dont to long between doses. So after 4 dosess I could go 8 hours through the night and not wake up in horriable shape. It is dosed every 4 in hospice or for severe pain.
take care, dave