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Re: How often to take methadone

Kat was telling me that in the past year some doctors started doing this, and I seemed to find some very limited info on it, but yeah definitely doesn't sound widespread. Den't some doctors only use morphine or prialt since those are the only ones FDA approved for intrathecal use Previously I had also only read those same meds due to the water soluble thing. Not sure how they have bypassed this? I could see a lot of hurdles for me in this...even ignoring the insurance/cost, finding a doctor in my area to do it, and weighing the risks/benefits, there is my age and condition.

I'm only 26. For headache most doctors won't even use pain meds. Never heard of anyone with chronic headache getting a pump. I'm not sure if the pump can work on it? I hear mixed info of whether its only for back/leg/neck pain or for all types. I've definitely got the exhausted all reasonable options covered though.

I was really considering trialing a nerve stim but I haven't found any local doctors who I have a level of comfort with their experience who would do it. One referred me to a Dallas doctor who does a lot for headache but I don't have out of network coverage. My own pain doctor does them but since I failed a supraorbital block he now doesn't even want to do the trial. A local doctor would do it but I wasn't comfortable with working with him...for one thing I would have to get off all pain meds before they would submit the pre auth to my insurance for the trial!

Yeah I got what you said about the lasting through the night thing. I've found the same thing...for me it seems very important to stick to my 4 hours schedule, as if I get an hour or two off, then I end up skipping a dose since they would be too close together. Plus, 30mg instead of 20mg at night seemed to get me a lower pain levels upon wakening. I'm not getting over the feeling that I'm wasting the meds since I don't need them to sleep through the night, but it keeps my levels steady and I am now prescribed enough to do this. I'm actually doing really well at the moment. Meeting my 50% goal and its fairly steady...although that last hour before my dose is due is quite reduced relief. Hoping it lasts.

Yeah I have definitely got more side effects with higher doses, but haven't hit that wall yet. Its a scary thought to think that all of a sudden it can pop up though. Not much you can do besides keep doses to a minimum I guess. Seems like few doctors perform adjunct meds with orals which could help minimize tolerance. I read here about Namenda and its NMDA receptor antagonist properties...funny thing is there are some case studies that Namenda has helped a few folks with the headache condition I have. Thanks again! Best wishes.
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