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Re: Trileptal problems - memory??

I strongly recommend that you buy one of those pill counter/dividers that they sell at the drug store for just a couple of bucks. They come in both a straight 7-day box, Sunday through Saturday configuration, and a 14 box model, again seven boxes for each day of the week, but one for AM and one for PM. You just load them up at the beginning of the week so you don't have to remember/forget again. It is crucial to take your proper dose. It's super important! Also, I see your question about being able to be a person with a Bipolar Dx, who gets by without meds. I'm sorry to report that it is impossible, it only leads to disaster! I guess some people have milder cases of bipolarism, (so-called "soft bipolar") and can get by with less meds, but I'm assuming you have a regular case of the disorder, and going through life without medication simply isn't an option. I hope you can face that, because it's just reality, it's just the way it is. I hope you are able to get your meds all squared-away soon, because trying out new pills is never fun for any of us who are in this boat. Take care & best wishes to you!