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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Hang in there counterclockwys! Are you taking the fiber? I read the book just to get an idea of what my triggers can be, but I don't follow any of the eating plans. I know what my triggers are and avoid them most of the time but I can have them occasionally. Triggers are different for everyone so eat what you like, but be aware of how you feel after eating. I enjoy read meat and love cheese! I do avoid spicy, greasy foods as much as possible (but I love french fries and can eat them w/o worry).

Have you tried keeping a food diary? I used a regular calendar and scribbled down what I ate and how I felt. I began noticing a pattern and that helped me determine what foods were my triggers. Make sure you do eat carbs with your meals (rice, pasta, bread). Put cheese on your rice! Limit your fruit and veggies. For me, eating with IBS is the opposite for eating healthy (meaning my carbs/protein portions are larger than my fruit/veggies)

Oh, and stop all artificial sweeteners. That was a biggie for me.

A typical day of eating for me consists of: english muffin with peanut butter and banana for breakfast. Lunch can be ham and cheese and crackers, melted cheddar on tortilla chips (yeah, I love cheese) or even a PB/jelly sandwich. Dinner is chicken or beef, rarely pork because I find it hard to digest, Friday night is Pizza! Side dishes are pasta, rice or potatoes and some veggie. I snack on nuts (something I could never eat in the past) grapes (not too many), and the occasional Oreo cookie!

If I do get an 'attack', I sort of follow the BRAT diet... bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, but I'll put the banana on a soft bagel, rice in chicken broth. A baked potato, butter on egg noodles. All of these foods settle my stomach.

My goodness, I'm throwing everything I can think of into this post... I wish for you the relief and happiness I found with a 'behaving' stomach.

Please keep in touch. I'd love to hear how you are doing.


p.s. do you take imodium or something that will slow down the motility in your intestines?