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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

You're posting fine but can also hit "Post to this Reply" on the bottom left of post you are reading (does that make sense?)

I take 2 heaping tsp of the fiber at night, preferably before I eat. If my stomach was a little off, I may take a little bit more of the fiber.

You're not going to like this...but give up the gummy bears for a bit. I loved Twizzlers, but found that they are one of my triggers. I wonder if gummy bears have something similar in them (some sort of gelatin maybe) that makes both candies soft and chewy? Maybe makes them hard to digest?

I take imodium and have a script for lomotil. I know that both help slow down my food process. I take imodium almost daily with no problems.

Hope that light at the end of your tunnel gets brighter and bigger!