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Re: Are these floaters

I'm seeing exactly the same thing. And I don't think they're floaters (I have those too). The only thing I was able to find was the white blood cells ( Blue Field Entopic Phenomenon) that you mentioned. I also see them on other bright surfaces, not necessarily blue. I also do not think it's visual snow, since I'm not seeing them in dark or even if I wear sun glasses. I check my eyes regularly and my eyes are otherwise healthy (do have slight astigmatism). They say seeing this is completely normal but what concerns me is that I've only recently started seeing them (several months), which is unlike other people who say they've been seeing them all their lives. I do think this is definitely something related to the blood moving since if I look at the bright sky and feel my pulse at the same time the white things move at the same rate as my pulse. So I'm just working on ignoring them, nothing else seems to help.