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torn ligament in knee

I have a friend who is 82yrs. old and lives up in Providence RI. He lives alone with no living relatives. We keep in touch. He was having knee pain and went to hospital. They took xrays and said he had arthritis in knee. At this point he couldn,t walk on leg so they put him in a rehab-nursing home type of place. They were doing physical therapy on knee and getting him to walk but the pain kept up for couple weeks so they did an MRI and found a torn ligament. I just called him and they said he went to Drs. office to get ligament fixed but would not tell me more because I,m not a relative. My question is can they fix a torn ligament outpatient and how long is recovery. Besides the knee he,s very healthy, never smoked or taken as much as an aspirin and doesn,t drink. He does however show signs of dementia and I,m afraid when I do talk to him he might forget what the Dr. told him. Thanks, Bolter

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