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Re: LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS

I'm going to make an appointment very soon with the doctor in NYC. I;ve had symptoms for 10 yrs now. Mostly chronic cough, and bad taste 24/7. Had esophageal spasms for 4 yrs which thankfully stopped. Every once in a while, I wake up with a burning stomach ache, and sometimes vomit. I'm very thin, and extremely anxious, and suffer from terrible insomnia. So I do take Xanax, but these problems started before I started the Xanax. I've had 2 upper endoscopies, which really never showed much, and a laryngoscope which showed swollen vocal chords, probably from constant coughing. I cough all day long, esp after I try to eat or drink, but smells can trigger it also. Been on all sorts of allergy and stomach meds. Nothing works. I really gave up for a while, and just suffered and figured that is the way it's going to be forever. But now that I know it's LPR, I'm going to go to a doctor who knows what it is, and hopefully get some help.

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