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Re: How often to take methadone

Originally Posted by tortoisegirl View Post

Pain management doctors can be especially keyed in to the symptoms of withdrawal to identify med abusers, so I'd be careful at your appointment (anxious, sweating, etc). You may even want to come clean to your doctor. I'd be surprised if you can go from Sat night to Tues without withdrawals, but it does have a very long half life and everyone metabolizes it differently. If you have a breakthrough med that could help. Best wishes.
Hey Tortiosegirl! I worry about that alot,but in my case My Dr. Gives me 3 scripts of methadone...all dated the day of my visit... he tells me to wait 30 days to go back for another month..I only see him 3 months..He says per DEA I often wonder if this is on the "downlow" or not..However I went 3 days without any methadone and I will not say I was feeling great,but I was able function...I also tale 900mg's of Lyrica and I hear that helps opiate withdawel... One thing if for sure...I am going to not run out again next month!I am going to write down every time I take a dose so I can keep up with it better!!!

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