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Unhappy Re: new to all this pain medicine. some friendly advice needed

No the doctor is a GI Doctor. General Surgeon. I have thought about going to see pain management. Without any insurance its really hard to get in to see one here. As most the ones who accept cash arent taking any new patients. I drive 200 miles once a month to see my GI Doctor. They told me if we have to do another surgery is anymore of my pancreas is removed, I will become diabetic. Something I do not look forward to. If I could just reach a steady level of comfort with the help of a narcotic pain med as bad as it can be for me, I kind of would rather do that. They told me I would have to have a insulin pump. The next surgery would be removing the head of my Pancreas as thats the only part left. As I said ive been going through this the last 3 years and sometimes I cant afford to get to my GI doctor and I have to go see random doctors just to get some kind of help. I would love to be able to see 1 doctor who would sit down and listen to what has happen and actually care instead of wanting to just rush me out the door and see the next patient. I havent been able to work at all since I was struck with Pancreatitis, and they deny my for any Disability because of my age and the fact that once my Pysudeocyst is gone I will be fine again, atleast this is what they tell me. I am single with no kids, so Medicade wont accept me. I am almost at the end of my ropes with getting help as far as insurance goes. I hate bouncing from 1 doctor to the other and sometimes when I have no money I have to take trips to the Emergency room because it flares up so bad and radiates to my shoulder to the point where I can not even more my shoulder. Which they say is common in patients with Pancreatitis, I guess a nerve problem or something. All my doctors just rush through me, and when I go see my GI doctor it is always a different doctor in the same office. They dont know my history other than what they ask and the short paragraph the doctor before him left in the notes. They are quick to give me pain meds, but never ask if its helping or how it makes me feel throughout the day or anything. I dont know, I guess im jsut using this forum for a place to vent and I really shouldnt. Just dont know to do anymore.