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Re: Anxiety over HIV.

3. I have another worries, which is getting stabbed by a syringe in the bus. almost everyday, i go to my workplace by bus. and almost everytime i will get sleep in the way to the office which took almost 2 hours. so i am very worried that what if some people or some lunatics gets into the bus and stabbed me with the syringe. if this does happen, is it really risky to me?

I use needles for work and if you were stabbed you would know, they really hurt. Dont belive me try it. Again OCD and parnoia here.
I know this is more to paranoid. but what is the odd if the things does occur, say some people draw their blood, and straight away inject or poke other people. what are the odds of transmitting hiv that way. I've read that even in the healthcare settings, the odds also quite low. why is that ya.

I just really worried of these things. i know it's OCD. but i just cant let it go. everyday, whenever i take a bus, i will feel worried and yet, i still fall asleep. and whenever i woke up, the worries even worse and i will check if there's a poke or stabbed mark at my arms/body.

HIV is transmitted through unprotected vaginal or anal sex, sharing IV drug works, and mother to infant. If you don't fall into those categories then you have no logical basis for being concerned about HIV.
I always said that in my mind whenever these worries comes in. but it always failed to reassure me.

by the way, thanks for the reply guys. appreciated it much.