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Re: I have a question?

Originally Posted by NBY View Post
Looks like they are going another direction with me. So, we will see. But on the subject of doctor's..why are they that? No bedside manner whatsoever, how rude. I am so sorry that happened to you. Did you ever get the lip biopsy?
What direction are they going?
No lip biopsy. I decided when the Doctor told me that he had done the biopsy about a dozen times and that he would have to take a pretty good strip of the inside lip and I would have sutures and a healing time of a week to two weeks. He also asked me how it would change my treatment which it would not change. So, I said no; and decided not to.
The most frustrating is that there is no one single test that says for sure that we have SS or we do not.
I have dry mouth day and night, unrelieved for the past three months or so with no new medications or really nothing else to pin it on.
Anyway, hope you are doing better; stay positive