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New here and would like some advice.

I am in my late 40's and on and off since I was in my late twenties I have had bouts of pain and tiredness and a few other symptoms. Drs at the time put things down to stress so I gave up pushing things.

Anyway 2 weeks ago things got much worse and I went to the hospital where they ruled out stroke and tumour and I am being referred to neuro.

Just wondering really how many of my symptoms can be put down to stress or something else. Here is my list;

Pretty much constant pins and needles in hands, arms, legs and feet. Also parts of my face.
Stabbing pains in legs and arms
Cold and hot spots in various places.
Legs and arms jerk with what feels like an electric shock
Occasional blurred vision and eye pain
Extreme tiredness
Forgetfullness (can take an hour to make a cuppa, go to shop and have no idea what I went for, go upstairs to bathroom and go elsewhere forgetting why I came up etc)
Dizzy spells, many times a day.
General weakness
Problems with concentration
Funny vibrations in various parts like a mobile phone going off on vibrate.
Fogettting words or using random silly ones.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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