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Re: Help!!!! Reaction to bandages?

Call your doctor and ask him/her. The last thing you need is an infection, and if you have blisters, it is easy for those to become infected.

I had a horrible rash when I got out of the hospital, but I was able to determine that it was simply a reaction to one of the elastic bandage wraps. Whether I was allergic to it or it was just prickly heat, I don't know, but I itched like crazy from the bandage (which smelled like rubber) wrapped around my calf, whereas the one on my ankle (which was more of a cotton and a lighter beige color) was fine.

The rash was nowhere near my surgery site, so I wasn't worried, but yours sounds too close to take a chance. I'd call right away, especially since today is a Friday and you never know if it might get worse over the weekend. If it does, and you haven't heard back from your doctor, go to an UrgentCare or even an ER if necessary.