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Re: Possible inner ear disorder?

I think you have Vestibular Neuritis, just like me and a few other people on this forum. Im not a doctor, so I cant be relied upon for medical advice as such, but it sounds like you keep being introduced to the same source of the problem which caused this to develop in the first place.

Do you have allergies by any chance? Or are you under a lot of stress? Any constant colds/flu? Do you smoke?

An air purifier can I think make a good difference to the air quality, especially in the same room where you spend most of your day, or even in your bedroom.

I use a cheap vicks HEPA air purifier, which seems to do a fairly good job of getting rid of excess dust in the air.

I always tell people to try incorporating more fruit and vegetables into their diets, as I know this usually always has a benefit. Also, hot working conditions, I think, could make this worse for you, as being overheated will make your cells dilate (swell up) and this is probably your problem in the first place. Swelling causing problems with vertigo (spinning sensation).

Have a great day, and keep your head up. A positive attitude to it may help you get rid of this quicker I hear.

God Bless